TRG offers a cost-effective and long-term solution to facility maintenance. We take the headache of mundane maintenance, cleaning, and installation at your facilities upon ourselves.

Our customized facility management solutions, as per your requirements, relieve you of the time and energy that you can expend on your core business operations. We can also oversee construction, remodeling, renovation, or brand transformation projects that involve plumbing, painting, carpet installation, mechanical and electrical works.

Did you recently acquire new properties, or would you like to conduct an in-depth survey and assessment of your existing offices? We can do that as well. Our team will audit the state of your current buildings and signal in spots to repair and suggest improvements.

Facility Maintenance: Services You Can Depend On.

You are just a call away from reaping the benefits of fast and efficient repair and maintenance services.

Experts at TRG will perform a cost-benefit analysis and work alongside you to develop a better management plan for all your facilities, covering both interior and exterior needs. Ultimately, day-to-day maintenance powers confidence in your business properties.

Our services save you time and money while ensuring the image of your brand:

  • Inspection and upgrade by fully licensed electricians.
  • Canopy cleaning
  • Power washing of building exterior and the driveway
  • Gutter repair and cleaning
  • Roof inspection and surveying
  • Grounds cleaning
  • Interior and exterior painting
  • Various roofing and window repairs
  • Flooring – tile, carpeting, hardwood, vinyl, laminate, and other types
  • Key Exterior signage projects
  • Drywall Cat6, Cat5, coax wiring, and security camera
  • Nearly all types of repair work
While we have the reputation for serving banks and credit unions, we can provide facility maintenance and repair services to businesses located anywhere in the Southeastern U.S. Our services are available for businesses with multiple office locations.
  • Routine Maintenance Services
    • Power washing, Carpentry, and Painting
  • Experienced managers direct professionals to carry out small to large projects.
  • General Contract Services and Project Management.
  • Offering Flexible services as per Client Schedule.
  • On-Demand additional work on special projects
  • Cut down maintenance expenses
    • Remove the need for having maintenance personnel on costly payroll when you’ll  have to spend on occasional labor-intensive work

A Free Assessment Of Your Facility Maintenance Needs

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We can customize and tailor the perfect plan for your organization’s needs.
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