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ATM Installation in FL, GA, SC and NC

There is no substitute for experience, and the Rayley Group has installed thousands of ATMs, ranging from some of the largest financial institutions in the country to single retail locations.

We bring our customers the expertise and experience of a larger installation firm, at the cost of a small shop. Rayley Group is the company to call for localized or regional ATM rollouts, single installations, or other unique set-up projects for both equipment installation, and any necessary premises modifications.

  • ATM Surround Rebranding – We perform site surveys as well as install signage and graphics.
  • ATM Kiosk Site Preparation (Concrete Pads and Bollards) – We are experts in site preparation, including pouring the concrete pads for a solid foundation, and installing bollards, to provide a high level of security that is simple to install and very cost-effective.
  • Universal MND (Merchants Night Depository) – Rayley Group’s proprietary product is engineered to easily integrate into any Diebold, Wincor or NCR ATM configuration.
  • ATM Installation and Relocation – We can quickly and securely install, de-install, exchange or relocate ATMs.

In addition, the Rayley Group prides itself on our commitment to ongoing service and consultation.  We keep you informed of the latest information and trends in the industry.  Here’s an interesting excerpts from a recent article on the “ATM GREEN MOVEMENT”…this is just one way we keep our clients out front:

The ATM industry is taking steps to reduce its carbon footprint. Below are seven practices ATM developers and operators are incorporating to benefit the environment:

  1. Solar power — With continued technological strides reducing the cost of solar panels and upping the storage capacity of batteries, solar-powered ATMs are now a reality. In fact, a number of FIs have installed solar-powered ATMs in a number of areas across the globe.
  2. Smartphone access — Different types of mobile cash withdrawal programs are now available at many ATMs. This allows consumers to set up a cash withdrawal via their mobile device and finish the transaction by scanning or entering a code at the ATM. This may allow for the eventual elimination of the plastic card.
  3. Parts recycling — Recycled parts are generally less expensive than new parts, and as they come with a guarantee, they are almost always as reliable. There are two options to choose from for parts repair. Advance exchange allows ATM owners to have a repaired part shipped immediately to them. In return, they send in the defective part for assessment and credit. Depot repair is the more traditional method of sending a defective part to a repair service and waiting while they repair the part and ship it back.
  4. Deposit automation — With significant advances in check imaging and verification technologies, envelope-free automatic deposits are more popular than ever.
  5. E-receipts — The industry’s first printer-less ATM was unveiled at this year’s ATM Industry Association conference. Eliminating all paper receipts at ATMs would save 640,000 tons of receipt paper annually.
  6. Machine refurbish — Refurbished ATMs may prove to be attractive as the industry deals with the costs associated with EMV, PCI, and Windows 7 compliance. Refurbished ATMs may also be useful in developing markets, as access to affordable hardware leads the way to faster, broader expansion in those markets.
  7. Smaller branch footprint — Advanced self-service and teller assist ATMs are transforming entire financial institution branches. As these functions are capable of performing nearly all teller-based transactions, they are reducing the real estate required to facilitate a full brick-and-mortar branch.
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